About Us


SIP is a state of mind, an experience, a way of life!

Distributor of new generation products, SIP is a provider of good taste that expresses its vision of current trends by offering top of the line products to all its customers.

Our objective? To light up your world and inspire your daily lives…

Created in 1996, SIP Ltd (Selected Imported Product Limited) is a sister company to E.C. Oxenham & CY. Ltd, with which it shares its headquarters off the M1 Motorway, between St Jean and Phoenix in Mauritius.

With almost 70 employees, SIP imports and distributes a wide range of premium quality products to the Mauritian market, including non-alcoholic beverages such as tea & coffee and juice, food items like ice cream, chocolates, foie gras, nuts and delicatessens, cosmetics & beauty products and, finally, kitchen appliances such as water filters, wine dispensers and coffee machines.


Specialised in the importation and distribution of top of the range products to the Mauritian market, SIP diversifies its offering into five broad categories: food & beverages; water dispensers; wine dispensers; coffee dispensers; and cosmetics.

Additionally, SIP Academy offers professional training in two fields: coffee and ice cream making.


Our Vision

Active and ambitious, modern and attractive!
SIP combines knowledge, passion and proximity to provide you with premium quality products and to encourage greedy moments full of gaiety. We aim to make a difference for you!

Our Mission

The “search for improvement” continues… It is through the selection of new and innovative products that SIP seeks to meet the needs and expectations of all its customers.

Satisfaction. Modernity. Quality.

Our Values

Our company is based on values that are here to inspire and accompany you every day.

Through a wide range of quality products, we guarantee…

  • Pleasure: a penchant for tastefully chosen products, in the hope of maximizing greedy moments full of gaiety.
  • Service: undivided attention and expertise to help you find what you are looking for.
  • Proximity: collaboration and advice to encourage your long-term loyalty.
  • Curiosity: novelty and good quality products that inspire and surprise you.


At SIP, we thrive on passion, commitment and conviviality. Our team of professional experts is dedicated to providing you with the most amazing shopping experience, guaranteeing a supply of premium-quality products at all times.

There’s only the best for our customers.

FOCUS | meet…

Our CEO, Frederick Oxenham

In 1989, straight out of school, Frederick joined E.C. Oxenham as a manager at the machinery and bottling services.

In 1996, still working for E.C. Oxenham, Frederick was appointed as manager of SIP. In 2017, he moved up the hierarchy and became CEO of the group.

Our Sales Manager, Gregory Oxenham

After completing a Bachelors’ degree in Management and Marketing in Perth, Australia, Gregory went on to do a Master of Business in Operations and Supply Chain Management in Sydney.

Upon his return in 2014, Gregory started his professional career, here at SIP, as Sales Manager.