● For more information about our product offering, please contact us on (230) 696 79 50, or via e-mail at info@sip.mu.

Cosmetics and beauty products of premium quality, made from natural ingredients – for long-lasting effects and guaranteed satisfaction.

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  • Heir of a Nyonnais tradition, this brand continues the 100% know how of the true vegetal soap and cosmetics made of olive oil– with an annual production of 120 tons (8 000 pieces per day) – available in more than 50 fragrances including the unmissable lavender. 
  • Nail polish lovers’ have heard of this renowned brand. Dedicate to nails care and beauty, Nailstation offers more than 300 colours of nail polishers. Among its products, the Breath Easy range creates an occlusive protective film allowing water and oxygen to pass through the nail polish. There are also care products and accessories for nails including polishing blocks and nail files.
  • The Sweden brand Morris & Luca is the perfect eco-friendly makeup available at Kabuki. Indeed, all the wooden brushes are certified FSC and Rainforest Alliance. By instance, all the products are approved by the EU eco-label and the U.S. Green 
Building Council. A large range of brushes is available in the shop. 
  • Another great product is the makeup products of The Balm. It is a makeup and care brand which gives an irresistible retro and feminine look! The bright colours and the Pin-Up of the pallets and lipsticks of The Balm give a touch of madness and originality to your makeup! The fashionista will love the formulas of The Balm without paraben and 100% certified cruelty free.
  • Kabuki it’s also the South-African brand Charlotte Rhys, famous for its usage in numerous 5 stars hotels spas of the country. It offers a large range of care products for women but also for men with several lotions, after-shave, lips balm, salt scrubs, shampoos and shower gels among others. Are also available products such as candles and sprinklers for indoor use!  The shop also offers gift box.

● For more information about our product offering, please contact us on (230) 696 79 50, or via e-mail at info@sip.mu.

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