SIP Academy offers professional training in two different fields: coffee and ice cream making.


From the art of coffee-making to the handling of coffee machines…

Whether you are looking for professional training to work in, or open, your own coffee shop; or if you simply love coffee as much as we do, SIP’s Ecole de Barista* is just what you need!

Enroll in one of our three- to four-day courses (link to 2018 Barista courses below, a list of the different courses) now, and learn the best of coffee-making techniques – as per Illy and Aromara standards, no less 😉

* SIP Ltd works in collaboration with Italian Barista Lab. 
All certificates will be granted by a representative of the Italian school.


The art of making ice cream the Italian way…

You’re 15 or over? A sweet tooth, an ice cream lover or simply in search of expertise? You are on the right page!

Learn how to make ice cream and how to handle PreGel machines at SIP’s Ecole Gelato: professional training at your reach!

Enroll in one of our two-day workshops now, and learn the best of gelato-making techniques 😊